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Contact Details

Alireza Hayati <alireza@alireza.co>

Fingerprint: 9989 A7BB B04D 8614 CEFD EA40 7A0D 2ED0 904C 150A

Keys: 904C150A.asc / 904C150A.txt


Please encrypt your email messages even if you’re not sending any serious information. Encrypting helps us protect our privacy and it’s a good practice for respecting people’s right to own their information. If you don’t know how to encrypt your email, take a look at this page.

You should keep in mind that if you want an encrypted response, you have to send your GPG public key to me. I won’t keep your key for a long time, so if you contact me after a while, you should send your key again.

Messaging Rules

Information Sharing

Please don’t send any serious information or important data that can put you or me at risk with email messages. If you need to contact me about such information, please send an email message and ask for a private secure way of communication.