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Cosmopolitan user experience designer with passion for privacy. I’m a dreamer, coder, bookworm, audiophile, and risk-taker who currently works at Houp Enterprise doing at the fulcrum of aesthetics and function to create strong, lasting and remarkable design. I’m a Manchester United fan soccer lover who is addicted to coffee and good tea. I’m enough of a designer to create freely upon my imagination.

I design products and write programs to make people feel better about how they use stuff. I also travel and teach people about how they can protect their information and privacy.

I’m very careful about my computing. I respect my privacy and ask people to be also careful about it. I don’t use a lot of things. Instead, I use alternatives that can help me be secure. Privacy doesn’t mean to not being recognized. It means you have the right to be anonymous and have the right to control your information. Now whether you want to be completely anonymous or not, you can choose.

I’m traveler. I have a ready-to-use backpack and unbelievable interest in traveling which makes me to travel a lot. Traveling the way I travel makes you a freelancer. Most of the times I get offers with email messages, sign contracts with lawyers, and work remotely but sometimes I have to work at an office which sometimes is quite delightful.

People sometimes invite me to seminars and conferences to speak for them about designing and my experiences. If you want me to speak for you too, you should look at my calendar and if I’m available, you can contact me.

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