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I’m Alireza Hayati (pronounced uh-l-ee-r-eh-z-uh - h-uh-y-aa-t-ee). I’m a privacy activist and user experience designer. I travel and make speeches about people’s privacy and designing user experience in a privacy-respecting way. I’m currently working at Houp, a privacy-focused user experience designing institute. I try to make people understand how important is their personal information and I fight for freedom of users.

User Experience

User experience is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product. What I do is making products more satisfying for users.

I design graphical stuff, draw, enhance products usability, analyze data, create product plans, make prototypes, design user interface elements, do AB tests, and finalize product.

Making product/startup structures is also one of the things I do. I help startups find their corporate identity and productions plans to be more user-friendly and efficient. I spend part of my day reading and writing about it and sometimes I consult people about their ideas and startup/work plans.


I’m a privacy activist. I help people understand how important their personal information is. Most of the people care about their information but they don’t know how they’re at risks. Giant companies are tracking people, analyze their personal information and computing, and also these giants violate people’s privacy by not respecting minimum users rights like right to surfing the web anonymously.

I teach people stuff like how to use safe networks, protecting themselves from giant companies, encrypting their data, protecting their personal information in real world (like protecting themselves from being tracked by credit card companies), fighting for their rights, and using privacy-respecting alternatives.

I spend part of my day doing researches, reading about companies, and finding ways to protect users from these traps. I also communicate with these companies to ask/provide methods for privacy-respecting ways to works.

Free Software and Stallmanism

Some people refer to me as a person who is much like Mr. Richard Stallman or a “Stallmanist”. I and Mr. Stallman may have somethings in common but referring to me as a Stallmanist is wrong.

I fight for privacy and users freedom of choice in the matter of information but Mr. Stallman fights for free software (free as in freedom). Free software developers guarantee everyone equal rights to their programs; any user can study the source code, modify it, and share the program. I use some products of GNU operating system and Free Software Movement but I don’t believe in free software completely.

As a matter of fact, if operating systems like Microsoft Windows respect my privacy, I use them. I currently am using GNU/Linux operating system (Debian distribution) with some Free/Libre programs like LibreOffice and GNU Emacs text editor but I don’t limit myself to free products (free as in freedom).

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